मेरो देश मेरो दायित्व [भाग ११]

मेरो देश मेरो दायित्व [भाग ११]
August 16, 2020 No Comments News Ram Hari
मेरो देश मेरो दायित्व [भाग ११]
“My Country My Responsibility”
A panel discussion on “Youth Entrepreneurship in Tourism; Re-visioning and Re-solving Post Covid-19,”
Mrs. Nandini Lahe- Thapa, Senior Director, Nepal Tourism Board
Mr. Bikal Tulachan, Chairman, Western Hotel Association, Pokhara
Mr. Sashi Kiran Bastakoti, Chairman, Bulingtar Rural-Municipality
Mr. Ram Hari Giri, Chairperson, Challenge For Change
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